DRIVEN, is a book about Return Driven Strategy®, a framework for better planning and analyzing businesses in a manner that links most closely to long-term return generation.

Over a decade of research and application resulted in this framework with deep insights from business leaders and investors around the world.


“The principles and concepts in Return Driven Strategy capture what we as educators and thought leaders should embed in our curricula and teachings in business schools throughout our undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs. Business schools must focus on the importance of a firm commitment to ethically create shareholder value.”
-- Arthur Kraft, Ph.D., Chairman of the Board of Directors of The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB International), Dean at George L. Argyros School of Business and Economics, Chapman University

"The Return Driven Strategy framework can be a useful approach for strategic risk management and ERM. This framework fully describes the business strategy and activities that drive great financial performance and makes the connection between strategy and shareholder value. It can provide a way for directors and management to evaluate strategic plans and strategic initiatives and identify key risks that could destroy shareholder value while considering the upside of risk in terms of the opportunities."
-- Mark Beasley, Ph.D. CPA, COSO Board Member, Director of the Enterprise Risk Management Initiative at North Carolina State University

"Return Driven Strategy provides a framework for educating tomorrow's leaders and reminding today's leaders of the importance of a true commitment to ethically maximize wealth in corporate governance and performance measurement."
-- Angelo Riccaboni, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Economics, University of Siena (Italy)

"Return Driven Strategy and the book Driven will be invaluable in business and academia. Frigo and Litman's framework provides the right path for educating future business leaders and guiding today's leaders in navigating an ever-changing and complex business environment."
-- Dr. Ray Whittington, Dean, College of Commerce, DePaul University and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business

"Over the last decade, Frigo and Litman have been instrumental in identifying and bringing together the fundamental strategies that enhance shareholder value. In Driven, they have managed to neatly organize these strategies into a coherent whole, making them both intelligible and relevant to a wide audience."
--Keith M. Howe, Ph.D., Editor of Journal of Applied Finance, Former Associate Editor of Financial Management, William M. Scholl Professor Finance, Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, DePaul University

"Frigo and Litman's Return Driven Strategy is valuable in the boardroom and the classroom. For professors and students in business schools it provides a framework for placing any business discipline in the perspective of overall business strategy. As a board member of a corporation in the investment services industry, I have seen how Frigo and Litman's framework provides a means for the board the focus on the right issues in corporate governance, especially as they relate to communicating strategic performance goals and empowering management to achieve them while ethically increasing shareholder value."
--Belverd E. Needles, Jr., PhD. CPA, Ernst & Young Distinguished Professor of Accountancy, DePaul University, Past President of the International Association for Accounting Education and Research.

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