DRIVEN, is a book about Return Driven Strategy®, a framework for better planning and analyzing businesses in a manner that links most closely to long-term return generation.

Over a decade of research and application resulted in this framework with deep insights from business leaders and investors around the world.


"Return Driven Strategy provides a clear and concise way of looking at the key issues that drive profitable businesses. Its primary focus is on the customer, and markets, and it ties the various business components back to these key issues."
-- Samuel C. Scott III, Chairman and CEO, Corn Products International, and Board Member of Abbott and Motorola

"Return Driven Strategy helped us to create a REAL Strategic Plan and gave us the tools to examine every facet of our business. The result: sales: UP; profits: UP; and we are a better company in just about every area of our business. I just can’t say enough about the positive effect RDS has had with us. It’s provided everyone with an understandable framework to comprehend our business."
-- E. Terry Groff, President, READING BAKERY SYSTEMS

“The Return Driven Strategy framework has enabled the senior leadership of our company to establish, implement, and periodically realign, a first class, effective business strategy that produces real results. We know that we are working on the right things, for the right reasons. We also know that our periodic discussions are on point, and a good use of our valuable time. Our principles, business priorities and resources, are effectively aligned. From conceptual level to day to day execution, this thing really works.”
-- John J. Mulherin, Chief Executive Officer, The Ziegler Companies, Inc.

"Driven is an essential read for CEOs and senior managers. In a clear and readable style it successfully sets forth a road map for the creation of long term wealth. The book will also provide a valuable tool for investment managers and individual investors to identify companies whose shares have a high probability of producing long run returns. Once read, Driven will be kept in the top drawer and referred to often."
-- Al Heron, Former CEO of International Carriers, Inc., Treasurer of Esso Standard Eastern Philippines, Projects Manager of Infrastructure at Asian Development

"Imbedded in Return Driven Strategy are the undeniable truths of what works in the real world of business."
-- Edward J. Sierawski, Founder and CEO of Sequoia System International, Inc 500 High-Growth Private Business

“DRIVEN summarizes a breakthrough study that will change the way business will be done. It offers a simple and comprehensive framework for taking on today’s complex business world. Notably, it shows how innovation beyond R&D is a key lever for generating business value, along with the important links to operations and marketing.”
-- Hitendra Patel, Ph.D., Senior Leader of the Innovation Practice of the Monitor Group, and Professor of Innovation and Growth, Hult International Business School

“Return Driven Strategy provides an elegant framework for business strategy considerations. By that, I mean it is marked by ingenuity, simplicity and completeness. It was an effective tool for our firm as we embarked on our strategic assessment of our core business which resulted in dramatic improvements in our business. I strongly endorse it for others following a similar path.”
-- Jim Folkes, Former Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Laidlaw Education Services

"DRIVEN provides a comprehensive and practical guide to students and management in the essential elements of how an organization can create Shareholder Value. I highly commend the authors' incorporation of the important people related considerations. Typically, most books only provide lip service in this area. Appropriate management of human capital is core to every great business strategy. The Return Driven Strategy framework does a great job of incorporating the role of human capital in the growth of financial capital."
-- Mark C. Ubelhart, Principal and Practice Leader of Value Based Management at Hewitt Associates, Architect of Hewitt’s Human Capital Foresight (HCF™) methodology

“For years I have used this framework for evaluating critical business decisions. It has been an invaluable compass when allocating resources in human capital, intellectual capital, and investment capital, particularly when those resources can be so scarce. We have a saying that, ‘Vision without execution is hallucination.’ I would follow that with ‘Visions supported by Return Driven Strategy have the best chances for success.’ ”
-- Michael Gremley, President & CEO, VoicePrism

"Finally, a growth strategy framework grounded in empirical data with real world application! Driven provides a straightforward approach to profitable growth that should be embraced by all CEOs wanting to drive the value of their companies."
-- Gary A. Plaster, Author of the books "Beyond Six Sigma: Profitable Growth Through Customer Value Creation" and "The Road to Success: How to Manage Growth."

"I would reference the question, 'Are we doing the right things for the right reasons?' The value of Mission Driven Strategy has consistently rung true for me as it has helped us do exactly that; focus on the right initiatives and objectives for the right reasons to best serve the organization."
-- Kathy Apple, RN, MS, CAE, Chief Executive Officer and 2006 RWJ Executive Nurse Fellow, National Council of State Boards of Nursing (Referring to Mission Driven Strategy, the application of the Return Driven Strategy model in not-for-profit organizations.)

"Return Driven Strategy should be considered as a fundamental cornerstone to any strategic plan. It covers the critical points and facets for promoting an effective level of structured thinking that is necessary when launching a new product or service. It also allows a company to understand when an essential element of a strategic plan is missing."
-- Darren Guccione, President & CEO, Callpod, Inc.

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