DRIVEN, is a book about Return Driven Strategy®, a framework for better planning and analyzing businesses in a manner that links most closely to long-term return generation.

Over a decade of research and application resulted in this framework with deep insights from business leaders and investors around the world.


"Frigo and Litman's framework allows the investor to judge the ability of companies to create lasting value and should be part of any investor's stock selection process."
-- Alfred Jackson, Former Head of Global Equity Research at Credit Suisse First Boston and Top-Ranked Stock Analyst

"Whether your goal is to improve business performance or to make better buy/hold/sell investment decisions, insights are needed to connect core principles of wealth creation to both reported financial performance and firm valuations in the stock market. Frigo and Litman put it all together for you."
-- Bartley J. Madden, Author of the books, "CFROI Valuation: A Total System Approach to Valuing the Firm" and "Maximizing Shareholder Wealth and the Greater Good."

“Frigo and Litman's book, DRIVEN, includes many valuable case studies of the fundamentals behind firm's cash flow track records. I believe these discussions can be beneficial to both investors and corporate managers in understanding the activities that truly drive company value.”
-- Tim Bixler, Managing Director at Credit Suisse and Head of Credit Suisse HOLT

"DRIVEN explains a common-sense approach to strategy development. Linking strategy, execution, and valuation is tough to do. By tying together the process to ethical value creation - and a passionate desire to deliver unique offerings to fulfill unmet needs - the authors lead us in the art of 'strategic fit."
-- Steven Kraus, Managing Director, Client Innovation, Credit Suisse.

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